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British National Party membership list and other information, 15 Apr 2009

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Released October 20, 2009

The British National Party (BNP) is a right wing ethno-nationalist party, best known for its policy of ridding Britain of ethnically non-white migrants, although it has a broad, if somewhat ad-hoc, agenda of promoting the perceived interests of socially or economically marginalized British whites.

This document contains nine spreadsheets of detailed, confidential party membership information, with dates ranging from December 2006 to 15 April 2009. The lists have been verified to be accurate in all cases examined by WikiLeaks, however it should not be assumed that every person with a BNP membership number is a current member of the BNP. For instance, journalists and opponents have sometimes joined the BNP to obtain information about it.

There are slightly over 16,000 unique membership numbers in the "April 15 Updated" spreadsheet, and based on membership number ID's, around 35,000 memberships ever awarded.

A notable feature of the April 15 sheet, is that once membership numbers reached a little over 33,000, new membership numbers had 100,000 added to them. The reason for this is unclear, however it has the effect of making the BNP look larger to new recruits and those they talk too, since the numbers on their membership cards are all over 133,000.

The full Excel spreadsheet is available as is a browsable document. Other links are available at the end of this page. If writing about this subject only link to this description page, as download links are subject to change.

Readers are encouraged to research the document and publicly note their observations.

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Our previous, November 18, 2008 release: British National Party membership and contacts list, 2007-2008.

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